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American Roulette

About Casino Table Games

You will bear me witness that almost every online casino has a category for table games. Better yet, they have a live casino provision for the table games. Other categories of games you will come across in an online casino are the video poker games, slot games and card games. Many players love online slot games but those who have played in land-based casinos and are true lovers of online gambling know that the ultimate fun lies in the table games.

We have outlined the table games that you might come across in online casino and how they are played. Some of these table games are interesting to play and you might find them interesting enough to add them to your daily or weekly routine of gaming. With the development of online casinos, the table games have come with a new twist; you will realize that these table games are come with interesting gameplay, betting options, themes and easy to use betting strategies on.

Online Roulette

The roulette game is one of the oldest and iconic casino table games. This game is popular with other table games like blackjack and baccarat and these are the games that defined the brick and mortar casinos.

Roulette is an interesting game to engage in and is one of the table games that have a range of betting options that will suit the newbie and experienced players. This is also a darling to the high roller players.

From the time this game was developed, it has had some variants to it. There is the European, French and The American roulette. These variants are different when it comes to the number of numbers that are around the wheel.

American Roulette has 38 numbers around its wheel and this is due to the extra zero position which is known as the double zero. This makes the game to have the highest house edge compared to its other variants. The house edge stands at more than five percent.

The European and French roulette games are similar where both of them have a single zero position. This means that they have 37 numbers on the wheel. The objective of this game is to predict the next number that the ball will land on when the wheel comes to a halt.

The game has inside bets and these ones are recommended for the experienced players.

Online Blackjack

This is another interesting and renowned table game. This is a game that’s known in the world of online casino gaming as well as land based casinos. This game has captured the imagination of many people and this is the reason it has been used to develop a lot of movies and influence plenty of book writers.

The aim for the players playing the game is to make a score of 21 or get points as close as possible based on a two card hand total. When you exceed the total, you will automatically be out of the game. The game is played by the players against the dealer, who represents the house.

Online Baccarat

This game traces its origins back in the 16th Century in Europe. This is an aristocratic casino game which newbie players usually shy away from. Baccarat in some way is similar to blackjack since both of these games are played using standard playing cards and assign different values to the cards in the deck. The game is pretty easy to understand since there are only three betting options and there are two phases for each round. As a player in the game you can choose to bet on the banker, player or a tie between the two positions.

Online Craps

This is said to be one of the most popular games in the casinos. The game has evolved for a long time and a lot of players love it because of its simplicity and the fast game play it offers. The game is played in formal online casinos and in the street online craps settings.

This is a dice game and the bets are placed to predict what the dice will display. The game can also include a pair of dice with more outcomes.