Casino Jackpots

How can online casinos offer very high jackpots, sometimes even amounting to millions? Is this possible and legitimate? Will a casino ever pay out jackpots of hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions? The answer to these questions is definitely yes! In 2010 there was a very high jackpot in a well known online casino and the winner earned 4.1 million dollars. The money was paid out and the casino was happy that the winner continued gambling and almost lost the whole amount again.

The best thing is that the casinos do not even have to pay the jackpot out of their own pockets. The following paragraph will explain more.

Online Casino Jackpot Tips

With the growth of the World Wide Web, the internet has become a very important part of our daily lives. This has prompted online casino gaming which is one of the avenues you would seek for entertainment. Being a millionaire is a dream for many and this is why many of them will try their hand in lottery. Those who are not gambling fans do not know that playing slots could be another way of making their dream of becoming millionaires a reality.

The chances of making the seven figures win in slots are also slim. Slots on the other hand are more fun compared to the lottery where all you see are balls rising up a tube. There is only one way in winning the lottery but there are a myriad of chances in winning the millions in the slot games. There are also a myriad of slot games available attached to the progressive jackpots.

As you continue reading this article, you will learn about some of the largest jackpot games lying around in online casinos.

In the online casino jackpot arena, there are two major types of jackpots:

Regular Jackpots

This is the common jackpot type and it is in all slots since it is the highest payout a slot can give but it is a fixed amount. You will land on the jackpot when you land five of a kind of the highest paying symbol on the slot. This is commonly found in video poker and slot games.

Progressive Jackpots

These are not easy to achieve but when you land on one it will change your life. Slots with the progressive jackpots will tend to have a low payout percentage but the progressive jackpot will be a good enough attraction to the players.

As for the progressive jackpot games, any amount wagered will contribute to the jackpot. Even when the slot game is in different casinos, as long as there is a bet placed on a spin on the slot, a percentage is contributed to the ultimate prize on the slot.

These progressive jackpots are available in two types, the first is a standalone jackpots and the other is the wide-area progressive. The standalone kind of jackpot is restricted to only one slot while the wide-area jackpot is fed by a range of games at a single casino or in multiple casinos. The wide are jackpots can easily grow to millions and this is one aspect that will fuel the interest of the public to bet in the game.

Top 3 paying Slot Jackpots

Mega Moolah Mega Jackpot

This is a slot game developed by microgaming. This is the largest of the four Mega Moolah Jackpots developed. The jackpot is seeded at £1 million and the average win by players is about £2.5 million. The biggest jackpot ever won is £5.88 million.

This is a pooled jackpot and can be won in a couple of online slots. These slots are Mega Moolah Summertime, Mega Moolah isis, Mega Moolah 5 Reel Drive, Mega Moolah and Mega Moolah.

Mega Fortune Mega

This is another jackpot slot developed by Net Entertainment. The jackpot is seeded at €250,000 but holds a record payout of €17.8 million. This amount was won back in January 2013. The average win size of this jackpot stands at €4 million.

Hall of Mega Jackpot

This is another slot developed by Net Entertainment. The slot has an average payout of more than €5.5 million. The seed amount starts from €500,000. The biggest win a player has ever won on this slot is €7.8 million.

How does a jackpot work?
Not every online casino has its own software developers. Most of the time the software is programmed by one of the largest software developers named Microgaming, Boss Media or Playtech. It is comprehensible that a company e.g. Playtech will combine all jackpots of the associated casinos in a network. That way all players within this network will contribute to the jackpots which are regularly won.

Where can I find the best casino jackpots?
Of course there are also black sheep, especially online. Because of this our team from YourCasinoDream only recommends casinos which are known for fast payouts, a high quality service and fair play. Certified accountants are continuously checking the payout ratios of our partners. Payout ratios are quite often around 97% which is much higher than the ones in casinos from Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Our team from YourCasinoDream frequently tests the payments and service quality of casinos listed on our website

We recommend that you also test an online casino by yourself to see if it fits you well. Luckily many online casinos will make your day with a nice welcome bonus. You might gain $50 just for the registration or even a 100% bonus on your first deposit. Please take a look at the bonus conditions. It is not possible to deposit $100 in order to get $100 bonus and to immediately withdraw $200. No casino could survive in such a system. Depending on the casino you have to wager the bonus amount multiple times at game tables or slot machines in order to release it.

What are my chances to win a jackpot?
A rule of thumb is that the higher a jackpot is the lower are the chances for winning it. A Major Millions takes several weeks to be won. Unfortunately there is no formula with which you could calculate at what time a jackpot will be hit. A jackpot can be won with any amount and at any time because chance does not remember that a certain jackpot is above-average and therefore “overdue”. A first sign is the relation between your stake and the jackpot size. If it is about 300,000 you will rarely celebrate this jackpot (Major Millions). The Treasure Nile is a lot cheaper with only $4.50 / 4.50€ per game, while the average winning amount is about $100,000. In this case your chances of winning are much higher. As progressive slots normally offer many small payouts instead of additional high winnings you can play for quite a long time with a moderate budget. If you play them combined with a casino bonus nothing should be in your way on your jackpot hunt.